FltPlan Integration Equals Accuracy & Reliability

Because FltLogic is part of the FltPlan System, you are assured of the most accurate flight times and reliable fuel burns for every trip. Events created in FltLogic transfer automatically for flight plan creation and filing.

Accurate FBO & Airport Information

FBO & Airport data comes directly from FltPlan and is updated every 28 days to ensure that you have access to the most reliable, up-to-date information

Add Private Hangars and store Preferred FBOs.

Access in the Office or On-the-Go

Access FltLogic from any computer or mobile device. Download the FltLogic companion app to view trip information or request future flights. Pilots and crew can use the app for post-flight reporting, trip notifications, and submitting expenses.

Customer Service on Your Terms

Live, personalized support by phone, email, or web-based screen sharing ensures the most convenient, responsive experience for our customers.

FltLogic email is monitored 24/7/365 and on call support is available for emergencies outside of business hours.


Latest Updates
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  • Activity Logs that record time–stamped personnel activity in your Fltlogic account, along with actions performed(Read more...)
  • Expanded Calendar views offer the ability to view trips by leg(Read more...)
  • Disable Auto–Logout feature to keep the FltLogic Calendar open indefinitely on the screen at your FBO or office(Read more...)
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